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If you have arrived at this page you are in the midst of the “Having it All” series with Plexus. I love supporting others as they choose to be more intentional about their lives. You are taking those steps to bring intention into your time management, and you are not only supported, but I am cheering you on because pursuing an intentional life is so amazing and it will yield results!


Intentional Calendaring Video

You were most likely directed here by the video I created specifically for the series “Having it All.”

I have included that video and a note- taking pdf here for you as well.

If you are interested in additional resources that I mentioned in the video including a Visualization Meditation and a link to a Google Doc that you can make a copy of and revise, I would love to give those to you as well.

Additional assistance


Please know that if you are interested in going deeper, it is my joy to meet with folks and work with them at addressing their personal time management and strategizing together to find a system and plan that is individually tailored.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on Instagram or Facebook.

And if you are interested in going farther personally, you can schedule a time to meet with me on Simply Book Me.